Breakfast and Tea Time Treats

Scones Scones
£12 per 12 Large
All scones come with homemade strawberry jam and clotted cream 
Blueberry | Lemon Scented | Plain and Sweet | Sultana
Sour Cream Apple Pie Muffins Sweet American Muffins
£12 per 12 Large or 24 Minis
Apple Cinnamon | Banana Honey | Blueberry | Double Chocolate |  Health Crunch | Jam Filled and Sugar Glazed | Lemon Poppyseed | Macadamia and White Chocolate | Orange and Cinnamon | Triple Chocolate Chip
Vegan Blueberry Waffle with Maple Syrup American Waffles
£1.00 Each
Minimum Order 6 of Each Flavour
Banana Pecan | Blueberry | Chocolate | Sweet (Vanilla)
Chocolate Chip Brioche
Chocolate Chip Brioche
Made with the finest French butter and dark chocolate chips. A weekend breakfast treat that cannot be beat!