Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I


I suppose the first thing I should do is introduce myself properly.

My name is Rebecca, and I own Rebecca’s Cakes. Rebecca’s Cakes is my baby.

7 Years ago I was working as a Chef. I was growing increasingly frustrated working with people that yelled at me all the time. I worked in a well known London deli with a collegue who had a very short (and drug induced) temper. I loved the work I was doing, making fresh food and cakes for some very appreciative customers, but my kitchen ‘friend’ was pushing me over the edge. After 7 months I decided that it was time to move on, before I ended up totally miserable.

This turned out to be the best thing I ever did. I still had my deli connections when I set up my catering business, Vanilla Kitchen. Soon I was supplying my ex-deli with the same cakes I had always baked for them. Coffee Pecan and Chocolate Fudge cakes were the order of the day, along with my only vegan offering (at the time), my Sour Cherry Yoghurt cake.

Vanilla Kitchen Catering was originally just going to be a Catering company, but soon I was getting so many orders for cakes that Rebecca’s Cakes was officially born. The catering company still exists, but in this sometimes-difficult times people are not using caterers and often as they once were.

A few months after I left the deli, they shut up shop due to the recession kicking in. It really was a lovely place, and quite sad to see it go. At this time I was getting a lot of orders through word of mouth for Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes (which, I have to say 5 years ago, were still quite a new thing).

I am pleased to say that things have gone from strength to strength. Last year I created over 40 Wedding Cakes. I estimated that I baked around 32, 000 Cupcakes last year. Alongside orders for all the major holidays and birthday cakes.

I now have converted my garage for all my decorations and other cake nessecaties, plus 2 ovens in my kitchen. The house is fit to burst….

I am ever grateful to all my customers, some which have been with me since the beginning, some which have become genuine friends, the new people I am constantly meeting and are always inspiring me to do new things!